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Using the Knot Today Detangling Spray

Using the Knot Today Detangling Spray to detangle my daughter's hair was the challenge of the day. Saying my daughter's hair is thick is an understatement! She has very long hair, with combination textures of 3B, 3C and 4A. Her hair tends to be on the corse side, with fine (easily tangled) strands towards the nape. For an idea of what those textures look like see image below. 
Depending on your hair type you may find that your strands are more difficult to tame and using the wrong products can make life a nightmare. This used to be my case as well where I thought my hair was simply untamable. After switching products and being consistent with a few good ones, my tresses thanked me and began fully behaving. It was like having a new head of hair!


So it was no surprise that the same products that worked so well on me I had to try on my daughter's as well. I started off with untangling her ponytail and spraying the detangling spray all over her hair. I focused on the thicker areas and areas where her corse hair meets her fine hair. These areas always tend to tangle the most and a rambunctious 5 year old does not make it any easier. So we began with her favorite film of the moment (which I could really live without **rolls eyes**) A Pixar animation called the Good Dinosaur, which left much to be desired in my opinion but heck it's a kids movie, she's obsessed with dinosaurs and my task for the moment is tackling this beast of a head of hair.

Addie's hair usually tangles in the back and to no surprise, here's a whopper of a knot! I must confess I did allow a little extra time for this knot to develop just to write this blog for you all. So here we have a wonderful knot that I'm sure the Knot Today Detangling Spray will work wonders on. I spray a generous amount of the solution directly on the worse spots of her hair. Then gently work the solution into the knot or tangle before slowly combing to separate the strands. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how well this worked on this mega knot!

So I proceed to detangle her entire head and we end up with this cute quick updo. (since I was pressed for time and had to run errands!) All in all I will definitely keep this handy as our staple detangling product. We made sure that it also smells AMAZING! I would describe it as a fruity floral smell with undertones of Peach, Lilac and Strawberries. All fragrances are Essential oil-based so are safe and healthy to use on hair. It's been about 5 hours since I did her hair and began writing this blog and the fragrance of the detangling mist still lingers as she passes by. Definitely a keeper! If you have hard to tame tresses too or struggle with your kid's hair, you should definitely grab a bottle in the Shop section of the store. :)





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